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“Adulting” – Part 2: Are the Millennials really that far behind?

Trends and Insights

In an earlier post, we commented on the "adulting" craze -- books and videos (and even a school) that train Millennials in the basic skills of acting like an adult. Skills which were "picked up" by previous generations as part of growing up, now apparently are still missing at a much older age, and ...

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‘Adult’ is now a verb

Trends and Insights

Books, videos and even a school teach Millennials how to do "adulting" It's true. Merriam-Webster has even announced it is monitoring the word "adulting" for possible inclusion in the next edition of their dictionary. Not that the definition is that tricky. To "adult" is to be able to do ...

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If Zoomers were a province, it would be the biggest in Canada

Zoomer Nation

Here’s a marketing no-brainer: would anyone run a serious national ad campaign and leave out Ontario? Yet that’s precisely what happens when you don’t target Zoomers, Canada’s 45-plus population. We like to call them Zoomer Nation, because they’re certainly numerous enough. In fact, ...

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A generation of renters means less spending


It’s not exactly news that buying a house is increasingly unaffordable, especially in the major markets like Toronto and Vancouver. The same applies across the USA, where the financial struggles of the Millennials are compounded by massive debt from student loans, and where the inability to swing ...

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“Hybrid” retirement: it’s here and it’s only going to grow

Trends and Insights

ZOOMER U VICE PRESIDENT DAVID CRAVIT WAS RECENTLY INTERVIEWED ON THIS TOPIC ON ZOOMER RADIO. LISTEN TO WHAT HE HAD TO SAY. The word "retirement" carries with it an either/or: you were working and then you stopped. Traditionally, this happened at age 65. The model was straightforward: you ...

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Are Zoomer brand choices locked in…or up for grabs?

Zoomers and Marketing

The conventional wisdom about the "older" age groups, is that their brand preferences are more or less set in stone and there is less urgency about influencing them, than about going after the younger age groups whose choices are still in flux. This accounts for the big disparity in the ...

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Myth #1: Zoomers are being left behind by technology

Zoomer Myths

With today’s dizzying rate of technological advance, it’s easy to let yourself believe that the “older” market aren’t keeping up. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we can prove it. Start by recognizing that three different age cohorts are represented in the Zoomer (45-plus) ...

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“I don’t feel I’m represented…”


ZoomerU assembled a group of Zoomers to talk about their attitudes toward advertising. From any marketer's perspective, the results weren't pretty. They don't feel that advertisers "get" them. They don't see themselves in the marketing that is directed to them, don't feel it's relevant, and are ...

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Today's Factoid


That's the percentage of Zoomers who accessed the Internet yesterday. It exceeds the percentage of Millennials who did so. Their number was 94.2%. And in terms of actual audience size, 15.3 million Zoomers accessed the Internet yesterday, compared to 9.5 Millennials. Wait a minute...aren't the Zoomers supposed to be behind the curve when it comes to tech?   Source: Vividata 2017 Q3 Readership and Product Database