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We’re your one-stop resource for information, ideas and inspiration about Canada’s most influential demographic, Canadians aged 45-plus – or, as we call them, Zoomers.

There are almost 16 million of them, and collectively, they account for 60% of consumer spending and 70% of the nation’s wealth. Those numbers should make them an automatic priority for marketers – yet there are still some misconceptions.

Not all marketers have an equally strong understanding of Zoomer attitudes and behaviors, and just how important the “reinvention of aging” is. It’s easily the most far-reaching social phenomenon we’ll ever see. If you don’t understand why it’s happening and how far its influence extends, you can’t possibly market effectively today. That’s where Zoomer U comes in – with data, insights, special reports, videos and podcasts and even special events. Visit often – and stay tuned for more news.

Today's Factoid


That's the number of Zoomers who bought concert tickets online in the past 12 months -- more than any other age group. It's clear -- Zoomers have embraced online shopping and are the most important market in virtually every category. Source: Vividata Spring 2018