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Adolescence now lasts until age 24, British scientists say


In the UK, adolescence was traditionally defined as running from age 10 to age 19.

Not any more.

Scientists from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, writing in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, now peg the end of adolescence at age 24.

The chief reason, as reported here in The Telegraph, is that young people are continuing their education and delaying marriage and parenthood.

The average male is now entering marriage for the first time at age 32.5, and the average female at age 30.6 — an increase of eight years since the 1970s.

 Is this a bad thing? Are we infantilizing the Millennial generation by keeping them labelled as adolescents until their mid-20s?
Not necessarily. It could be argued that it’s simply the new normal. And after all, this generation can be expected to live a lot longer — well past 100 — at the other end.
The real problem is that marketers still haven’t caught up with this trend. They’re still overspending against the younger age groups, diverting budgets from the older age cohorts that control the the marketplace.

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