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A generation of renters means less spending on lots more

It’s not exactly news that buying a house is increasingly unaffordable, especially in the major ...Read More »

Why do millennials hate groceries?

That was the provocative title on a recent article in The Atlantic. Citing data from the Consumer ...Read More »

Retire Retirement

The traditional marketing model based on “life stage” assumes retirement at age 65. This in ...Read More »

Bucket List? Shopping List!

In past generations, getting older meant withdrawing from the consumer marketplace. Age not only ...Read More »

You’re Spending. They’re Not.

At ZoomerMedia, we’re consistently making the case for extending target demos to 55-64. We ...Read More »

Your model is dead

Marketing programs still teach the “consumer lifestage” model. You want the younger shoppers ...Read More »

Let’s talk about sex

Sex is still very much a topic for Zoomers. So is spending – big spending – on fashion and ...Read More »

Byte me!

Remember all those grannies struggling with dial-up connections to get online? That was the ...Read More »

Empty nesters want lifestyle enhancing bells and whistles, and spend more to get them

The “traditional” model of consumer lifestage spending decrees that as you get older, you spend ...Read More »

Surprise, surprise… Boomers and seniors are the key to growth in the restaurant business

Like so many other industries, restaurants have historically targeted their ad dollars toward ...Read More »

Boomers are the largest market for franchises and home-based businesses

Can working be considered part of a retirement plan? It can be – and is – if you’re a ...Read More »

Internet spending: Zoomers lead all other age groups

Think the Zoomer population isn’t tech savvy? It’s by far the largest age group online, and ...Read More »

Another myth busted: brand loyalty among Zoomers no higher than any other age

Conventional wisdom says you don’t market to older consumers because their brand choices are ...Read More »

Reinventing retirement – the Boomers are not all retiring “on schedule”

New data from Statistics Canada and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that a growing ...Read More »