The evidence is overwhelming – Zoomers (age 45-plus) are Canada’s most powerful audience. Last month we presented 15 examples of where there are at least 2 millionZoomers you may not be reaching. Here’s our second list.  (The source, in all cases, is Vividata Winter 2019)

  1. 5,925,000 Zoomers personally bought or subscribed to a magazine in the past 12 months.
    This represents 63.2% of all Canadians who did so. Zoomers love print – and they respond to print advertising.
  1. 8,105,000 Zoomers spent 20 hours or more online in the past 7 days.
    It’s a myth that Zoomers aren’t tech-savvy. They represent your biggest online audience – more than any other age group.
  1. 6,833,000 Zoomers purchased a product or service after seeing an ad.
    It’s true that Zoomers can be a demanding audience – they’re actively looking for useful information and not just “creative” fluff – but when they get that information, they’re more responsive that any other age group. In fact, they account for 54.7% of all Canadians who responded to an ad by actually buying.
  1. 3,650,000 Zoomers took a vacation in the USA in the past 12 months.
    North, south, east, west – no matter the destination, Zoomers are the biggest market. If you’re a tourism board, hotel chain, airline – anything to do with travel in the USA – Zoomers are far and away the most powerful audience. In total, they represent 58.1% of all Canadian vacationers to the USA.
  1. 6,053,000 Zoomers visited a shopping mall 4 times or more in the past month.
    You can keep debating online vs. bricks and mortar (and we’ve got plenty of stats to show how much Zoomers shop online) – but Zoomers the most powerful audience when it comes to getting out and visiting malls and stores. In fact, they represent 55% of all Canadians who visit malls with this frequency.
  1. 5,012,000 Zoomers are members of a fitness club.
    Zoomers know that fitness is a key to longevity, so perhaps this number is not really a surprise. What may be a surprise is that it represents more than all other age groups combined.
  1. 4,616,000 Zoomers own mutual funds.
    This is just one facet of the Zoomers’ overwhelming financial power. (Zoomers control 70% of the nation’s wealth.) Zoomers account for 63.3% of all Canadians who own mutual funds.
  1. 5,335,000 Zoomers attended a live theatre performance in the past year.
    When it comes to the arts, Zoomers are far and away the biggest audience. In the case of live theatre, Zoomers account for 58.2% of all those who attended a performance.
  1. 2,460,000 Zoomers drank 3 or more glasses of beer in the past 7 days.
    Surprised? You should be. After all, who do you typically see in beer commercials? Yet the fact is, Zoomers represent more beer drinkers than all other age groups combined. In this measurement – 3 or more glasses in the past 7 days – Zoomers account for 56.3% of all Canadians who did so.
  1. 3,973,000 Zoomers belong to a frequent flyer program.
    Once again – market power, pure and simple. Zoomers account for 58.5% of all members of frequent flyer programs.
  1. 7,177,000 Zoomers visited a retail location or restaurant after seeing an ad.
    Give them the information, show them why it’s important – and they respond more than any other age group. On this measurement, Zoomers account for 54.2% of all Canadians who responded to an ad by actually making a visit.
  1. 4,127,000 Zoomers drove 15,000 km. or more in the past year.
    The love affair with the automobile continues – at least, as far as the Zoomers are concerned. They account for 56.4% of all Canadians who drove this much in the past year. And in terms of absolute numbers, more than twice as many Zoomers as Millennials put this much mileage on their cars. (Yet who do you see most often in the car commercials?)
  1. 2,413,000 Zoomers contribute $5,000 or more to an RRSP in the average year.
    That represents six out of ten Canadians who contribute that much. Financial power yet again!
  1. 3,119,000 Zoomers purchased private health insurance in the past 12 months.
    They’re looking to cover items – like dental and long-term disability – that are not covered by public health care. And this sector is only going to grow as more products come on to the market, covering more situations and needs. Last year Zoomers accounted for 61.1% of all Canadians who purchased private health insurance.
  1. 2,240,000 Zoomers stayed in a luxury hotel in the past year.
    Zoomers have the motivation – and the money – to seek out the very best. They accounted for 57.9% of all Canadians who stayed in a luxury hotel.

When we say “Canada’s most powerful audience,” it isn’t a boast – it’s an unarguable fact. Keep watching for more lists!

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That's how many Zoomers bought a microwave oven in the past 12 months -- more than all other age groups combined. What are you doing to reach them? Source: Vividata Spring 2018